Media Art VR

Media Art VR is an Oculus Go application for exploring the Open Archive of Ukrainian media Art. The application, created in Unity, at the same time gives an immersive experience from curated collections, and has a tool for visualizing the whole archive – a timeline.

The project was created as part of a Sensorama Academy’s training program with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. The goal of the program was to train designers and developers to create new interactive tools for working with museum collections.

Exploring curated collections
Early prototype of timeline made in 3D
Users testing the app during a presentation
The whole team: Olena Babko, me and Svytlana Shymko


Me: design concept, interface design
3D design: Olena Babko
Development: Svytlana Shymko, Max Rybka
Curator: Ianina Prudenko
Mentorship: Sensorama Academy

Scope of work