Kurdcoin is the leading crypto exchange in Iraq that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrency quickly and securely


Create a style that conveys a sense of transparency and supports an simplistic approach in branding

Kurdcoin is highly engaged across various social media platforms, requiring highly recognizable creatives. Therefore, it was essential to provide the team with a style and tools that would serve as practical assets

The main elements of the 3D style are colored crypto coins, inherited from the previous style and familiar to viewers

The world of cryptocurrencies is dynamic and active, which was reflected in the animation

To make it convenient and easy for the team to maintain the style and create bright and recognizable creativity, several 3d scenes were prepared, where any 3D model can be imported and quickly give it a branded look.


Me: 3D, motion design
Art direction: Alex Twista

Made for TWID 💙

Scope of work