Natus Vincere (Navi) is one of the largest eSports organizations that continues to progress and evolve and in 2021 they have presented a new style, which was developed by Crevv.
To match the visual environment of eSports and to be relevant to the fans, the style has received a lot of 3D and animated elements.

3D logos are used as a supplement to the main logo for video content, merch, avatars or special projects. They have been created in different materials such as metals, ice, neon, chrome that refer back to the games and just look cool

Spiky and edgy intros for video content and a few fan versions, such as liquid paint and jelly for entertaining videos

Main intro
Gelly and gum
Fun can of a pink paint

Text animation, which is used for captions or in animated content, such as posts

Based on footages from Navi match recordings (which were used as graphics and maps for display), a digital glitch was created for using both on top of video and as an independent graphic

Glitch 01
Glitch 02
Glitch 03
Glitch 04


Me: motion design, video editing
Design, art direction: Nata Ivanova, Anton Ivanov

Made in Crevv 💙